Everest view Trekking.

Everest Trek is as tempting as it may sound, even to the Base camp of Mt: Everest to be penetrated-designed the way there is drudgery, which should not be everyone’s thing. To compensate for this, he offers unforgettable views and the acquaintance with the Sherpa, the now legendary mountain people who lived in the Solu-Khumbu region around Everest. Everest trek it is very popular trek in the world. Everest is located east from the Kathmandu. For the trek the holidays-adventure trekking Company organized by many experience and friendly guide and potter for to take good care of our special Guest, and other visitor. Everest trek is
Achieved due to the extreme altitudes, the will where prizes trek-the base camp is situated on 5.450 meters recommend this tour to only Mountain and extended by trained athletes. Too many, the will driven by misguided ambition to make, with the altitude sickness or other hazards acquaintance. Against I will like to say. For that we will provide to you really good experience Guide and Potter.