First of all heartly you are wel come to the king Himalaya country of Nepal. It is pleasure to introduce myself as professional independent trekking guide fo Nepal and Tibet. My name is Thakur Gurung originally i am from Mt. Ganesh Himal region. I have been working through different company as guide in the Himalaya of Nepal and Tibet since 2002. I love trekking because it is an exciting job ! it offers the opportunity for me to experience different parts of Himalaya ,the people and the culture ,each time i go trekking i see the places we visit differently and i get to meet people from all over the world. I have been certified as authorized trekking guide by the minister of cultural,tourism and civil aviation ,Nepal. I have been guiding for many different people from different country ,my clients have been very glad with my guide service . I am really enjoying my job. so please let me show you the real beautiful Nepal,,,, I will be glad to guide you on the most beautiful trails in the mountains to make your holidays as impressive and unforgettable experience as your guide, and you will be able to explore the world most beautiful and exciting places . so if you want travel to Nepal and would like to have guide then please contact me at tripsnepals@gmail.com,i am always happy to help you ,,,am looking forward to hearing from you., thanks.
Knows Nepali, English, German, Hindi.


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